So much of our future lies in preserving our past.

Gather. Educate. Celebrate.


Augusta Harmonie-Verein, also known as the American Legion Post 262 and Grand Army of the Republic Hall, is a historic clubhouse located in Augusta, St. Charles County. It hosts a number of special events during the year and is available to host special occasions.

Life is better when we’re together! Join us at these up and coming events.

When we learn about the past, we gather strength for the future. Help us preserve our story.

The best thing about memories is making them. Rent our venue for parties, weddings, and more!

The German Social and Music Club

The building was used as the meeting place for the German social and music club “Harmonie Verein” during the period 1869-1920.

Our Purpose

The Augusta Heritage Foundation’s mission is to purchase, preserve and protect the historic Harmonie Verein Hall and provide our community and visitors with educational and cultural programs, music and arts programs and social gatherings to enrich the lives of our citizens and visitors.

“When we learn about the past, we gather strength for the future.”

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